Uncategorized December 20, 2022


2022 what a wonderful year we had with everyone in our community! Thank you for having us! Likewise, Thank you for supporting us! The Excitement that we had with you at community days, sledding events, cook offs, and charity events was off the charts. Also, let’s not forget to mention our one of a kind pet event in the fall. Talk about a Win-WIN. The pet event benefited two local shelters and it helped dogs and cats find their new forever homes. Literally we do not stop moving all year long! We whole heartedly believe that everyone should share their time and love with others. Excited for 2023- Yes We Are! Furthermore, Join us at our many events in 2023. Basically have a good time, support someone in need, and we guarantee that you will enjoy yourself with your friends. COLDWELL BANKER CARES! FIND US AT www.developac.com